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The benefits of Overseeding with Redexim

With Redexim overseeders, you plant grass seeds directly into the existing turf. Bare spots are filled in, turf density improves, and the overseeded area becomes more resilient to environmental stresses. Utilising the right overseeder and techniques will improve seed-to-soil contact, promote growth, and both save time and money.

The benefits of overseeding by Redexim include: 

  • Enhancing Lawn Density
  • Improving Grass Variety
  • Repairing Damage
  • Thickening Thin Lawns
  • Seasonal Maintenance

Enhance your turf with Redexim’s overseeders

There are two main methods for overseeding. These include dimple seeding (also known as spiked seeding) and disc seeding (also known as slit seeding). The method chosen for overseeding can vary depending on factors like turf size, soil condition, and the specific goals of the turf maintenance operation.

Spiked Seeding with the Multi-Seeder & Speed-Seed

Spiked or dimple seeding utilizes a roller equipped with spikes to puncture the turf. The process creates shallow pockets for seed placement. Spiked seeding offers a tremendous solution for overseeding large turf areas with minimal disruption.

  • Quick Coverage
  • Soil Compaction Relief
  • Minimal Disruption

Disc Seeding with the 3D Overseeder

Disc or slit seeding uses a machine that slices the soil to deposit seeds into grooves. The grooves are then covered. For achieving close seed-to-soil contact, slit or disc seeding is often considered the best method.

  • Improved Seed-to-Soil Contact
  • Reduced Seed Waste
  • Controlled Seed Depth

Frequent Asked Question about Redexim Overseeders

What is overseeding, and why is it important for turf health?

Overseeding is the process of introducing new grass seeds into existing turfgrass to fill in bare spots and thin patches, and to repair damage from drought or wear. It ensures even coverage of thick grass, improves turf density, and enhances grass variety.

A thicker, healthier field is more capable of absorbing water and nutrients, making it naturally more resilient against weeds and diseases, and helps in preventing pest infestations. Therefore, overseeding is crucial for enhancing the health, extending the life, improving playability, and boosting the beauty of turfgrass.

When is the best time of year to overseed my turf?

To maximize turfgrass health and field appearance, Generally, overseeding cool-season grasses is done in the fall, while warm-season grasses are best overseeded in the late spring or early summer. This approach promotes a denser, more resilient turf by aligning with each grass type’s natural growth cycle.

What methods of overseeding are available, and how do they differ?

Spiked seeding, also known as dimple seeding, utilizes a roller with spikes to create pockets for seed placement, ideal for minimal disruption. Techniques like spiked seeding alleviate soil compaction, fostering better root growth and enhancing soil aeration.

Slit or disc seeding involves slicing the soil to insert seeds into covered grooves, ensuring close seed-to-soil contact. This method breaks up compact soil, improving aeration and facilitating healthier turf development.

Can overseeding help in improving my field resistance to pests and diseases?

Yes, overseeding effectively improves turfgrass health by introducing a variety of grass species, which enhances resistance to pests, diseases, and weather extremes, while also enriching the turfgrass texture and colour. This practice creates a denser turf, naturally limiting space for weed growth and reducing the reliance on chemical weed controls

For whom are Redexim overseeders suitable?

Redexim Overseeders are ideal for professionals involved in the maintenance of sports fields, golf courses, and other large turf areas. They are also suitable for landscape architects and property managers aiming for optimal turf growth and health.

Why choose for Redexim equipment?

Whether you are completely new to us or perhaps already familiar with us as the inventors of the first Verti-Drain®, we do much more than just that and have a wide range of professional turf care equipment.

With over 40 years of experience, we have a deep understanding of professional golf and sports turf maintenance. Our equipment is designed for real-world use and is therefore built to last, even in the toughest conditions.

I’m interested in learning more about overseeders. How can I get in touch with Redexim or a local expert

The form above allows you to directly download the brochure, enabling you to explore Redexim’s range of machines at your own pace. Redexim also offers the option to connect you with either a Redexim expert or one of our local partner experts, ensuring tailored advice for your needs. By clicking this link, you can access the contact form to submit your inquiry, and a Redexim representative will promptly assist you

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