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Verti-Quake® 3825

The Verti-Quake® decompacts the soil via offset blades. Their rotary motion, combined with the forward speed, sets up a wave action to decompact and create drainage channels. The 3825 works to a depth of 38cm (15″) and is ideal for tough soil conditons.

Ideal Contractors tool
Quick and effective areation
Well suited to poorer soils
Consider the Verti-Drain for alternative areation methods.
SKU 115.382.500
Working width (m) 2.5
Working width (inch) 98.4
Max. Working depth (mm) 380
Max. Working depth (inch) 15
Weight (kg) 1602
Weight (lbs) 3532
Number of knives (blades) 30
Distance between knife discs (mm) 250
Distance between knife discs (inch) 9.84
Standard knife thickness (mm) 15
Min. Tractor HP required 80-120
Min. lifting capacity (kg) 2000
Min. lifting capacity (LBS) 4400
Max. capacity ( m² hr) 3750
Max. capacity (ft² hr) 40365
Required connections 1x Double-acting Hydraulic valve
Three-point hitch 3-point CAT 2
Rpm Max. 540
Gearbox oil SAE 90
Lubricant EP 2
Description Quantity Article number
Toolbox and manual 1
PTO Shaft 1
Storage Legs 1
20mm Blade verti quake 3822 30 I 014409R

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