Aeration is an important process to keep the ground conditions optimal for turf growth by allowing oxygen, moisture and nutrients to reach the plant roots. Additionally, aeration helps control thatch, relieve soil compaction, encourages deep root growth and good drainage. There are multiple methods of turf aeration: deep-tine aeration, core aeration, linear aeration and aeration by air-injection. Redexim’s range of aeration equipment offers solutions for all different aeration methods.

Deep-Tine Aeration with Verti-Drain

Verti-Drain 2519

An aeration method using solid tines to create deep holes into the turf without removing any soil. The Verti-Drain insert a tine which kicks to gently lifts and shatter the soil in a uniform manner to further break up compaction and create space in the soil profile for air, water and grass plant roots.

The world-renowned Verti-Drain aerator was invented by Redexim more than 40 years ago. It has changed the method of soil aeration across the world, becoming the ‘must use’ for turf managers in their battle to aid turf growth in challenging environments.

Verti-Quake 2516

Linear Aeration

Uses discs or knives to make aeration slits into the soil in a continuous line, creating drainage channels and allow air into the turf surfaces. The powered blades of the Verti-Quake de-compact the soil laterally thus create space for air and water within the soil profile and encouraging root growth. This fast and effective method of aeration has found favour on many surface types.

Core Aeration

The process of core aeration uses a hollow or coring tine to remove soil and thatch from the surface, the extracted material can be redistributed across the turf surface with a Speed-Brush or Top-Brush; The holes can also be back-filled with sand by a Topdresser as part of a soil exchange program and to retain surface drainage channels.

Spike Aeration

Spike or slit aeration is a passive process to create air and drainage channels in the top of the soil structure. The blades on the slitter enter the ground to create a void before being extracted cleanly leaving little surface disruption, this method of aeration is fast and adaptable to different soil and climate types. The Redexim range of slitters has multiple blade options to suit a range of requirements.