Redexim proves the perfect partner for renovations at Sheringham Golf Club

9 September 2021

A vast and varied fleet of equipment from Redexim has been fundamental to the team at Sheringham Golf Club, as they continue to undertake a number of large-scale construction and renovation projects around the Norfolk clifftop course. After taking over as Course Manager 12 months ago, Rick Goodman has overseen the majority of the works, including a species exchange on some of the courses high-footfall areas – for which he has praised their Overseeder 3D 1275.

Rick and his team of nine utilised some of the breaks in play caused by COVID to carry out some major renovations to the bunkers and introduce some more tolerant species into both the fairways and greens. “Our Overseeder has been ideal for the work on the fairways, on which we’ve been drilling in fescue and ultra-fine ryes which work well together and provide us with improved wear tolerance” Rick explains. “Conversely, on our greens we were finding the fescues were being outcompeted here, so we hired a Redexim SpeedSeed dimple seeder to incorporate more bent which is native in some areas around the course. This has been showing excellent results.”

“We’ve also been introducing more finer fescues and bents into our roughs, as we move towards the establishment of ‘eco-roughs’ to frame the holes.” For this, the team have been utilising the Redexim Turf Tidy 3000. Offering versatile cut and collect in a productive 1.8m wide unit, the Turf Tidy has been used twice a year to thin out Sheringham’s native coarse grasses to create a more favourable environment for finer species. “The Turf Tidy is a fantastic piece of kit. Because it does both jobs in one pass, it’s made the task simple and straightforward and has been fundamental to the improvements we’ve seen in these areas.”

The Overseeder and Turf Tidy sit in the shed, alongside a number of other Redexim units including two widths of Verti-Drain, a Rink DS800 topdresser and a Speed-Brush. The newest addition to Rick’s fleet is the 6m wide Top-Brush, installed by local dealers Ben Burgess in April 2020. “This was purchased purely on the back of problems we’d experienced with worm casts, however as soon as we used it, the quality of presentation and finish amazed myself and the team. When the growth slows down we can cover all of the fairways with the Top-Brush in less than two hours, and achieve a two-tone finish that looks like we’ve cut the grass. It’s a real winner in our books!”