Rescue and renovate artificial surfaces with the Redexim X-Treme Clean

21 December 2020

Following 12 months where play and maintenance activities have likely been far from regular, it may be that artificial playing surfaces are now showing the signs of the reduced surface agitation as we go through the winter months. Tell-tale issues such as water pooling and contamination may be more prevalent this year if brushing regimes have not been conducted as frequently as normal. If this is the case then, when time and conditions allow, the surface will benefit from a deep renovation with the Redexim X-Treme Clean 1200 to remove debris and alleviate compaction.

The X-Treme Clean is a horizontal rotary unit designed to breathe new life into compacted carpets or target specific neglected areas. The stiff bristles of the rotating brushes ‘scrub’ the surface to loosen infill, lift flattened fibres and remove debris and contaminants. Available in either 120cm or 180cm working widths, the X-Treme Clean is adjusted on four threaded spindles allowing the brush head depth and pressure to be set accurately depending on the aggressiveness of clean required.

This machine is particularly effective on sand-dressed surfaces, making it a popular choice for the regeneration of tennis courts, football and hockey surfaces. By loosening hardened and/or compacted infill materials, the X-Treme Clean will help to restore both the aesthetic and physical play characteristics of a carpet – improving drainage, player safety and ball roll/bounce, and reducing the likelihood of more serious and costly surface repairs being required further down the line.