Turf-Stripper 1200

The Turf-Stripper 1200 with interchangeable rotors will remove turf, weeds and thatch from a different turf surfaces including hybrid turf areas (with the optional hybrid rotor). A side arm conveyor transfers the debris into a trailer for easy removal from the surface and a clean finish

Multiple Rotor options for different applications
Side-arm conveyor is removable to immediate eject
See the Turf-Stripper 1600 for larger areas
SKU 153.120.000
Working width (m) 1.2
Working width (inch) 47.2
Max. Working depth (mm) 50
Max. Working depth (inch) 2
Drain height (mm) 1500
Drain height (inch) 59
Max. Working speed (km h) 3
Working speed (mph) 1.8
Weight (kg) 620
Weight (lbs) 1367
Min. Tractor HP required 30-40
Min. lifting capacity (kg) 775
Min. lifting capacity (LBS) 1709
Required connections 1 x Double-acting valve
Three-point hitch 3-point CAT 1
Rpm Max. 540
Gearbox oil SAE 140
Lubricant EP2
Description Quantity Article number
Toolbox with combi tool and manual 1
Description Quantity Article number
Set of frase blades (32 units) - standard rotor L/ 1 253.120.006
Hybrid rotor complete with blades TS1200 1 253.120.008
Standard rotor C/W frase blade TS1200 1 253.120.014
Scarifier blade 5 mm 32 353.305.128
Scarifier blade 3 mm 32 353.303.128
Set of replacement scarifier blades (62 units) 3mm 1 253.120.004 RE
Set of (62 units) of verticut blades, 3mm with car 1 253.120.004
Frase blade (each) 8mm 32 353.135.120
Frase blade (each) 6mm 32 353.135.116
Hybrid blade 1 353.303.110