Level-Spike 2200

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The Level-Spike is a fast and proven machine for the creation of aeration slits to aid drainage and allow air into turf surfaces. The Level-Spike can achieve a maximum depth of 25cm / 10” and as a range of optional knives to alter the slit pattern including hollow tines to pull cores

Simple and effective
Optional weight transfer kit for tough conditions
Many blade options
Consider the Level-Spike 1700 for a smaller areas
SKU 113.220.000
Working width (m) 2.4
Working width (inch) 96
Max. Working depth (mm) 250
Max. Working depth (inch) 10
Weight (kg) 495
Weight (lbs) 1090
Slit distance between the knives (mm) 150
Slit distance between the knives (inch) 6
Hole spacing distance driving direction (mm) 330
Hole spacing distance driving direction (inch) 13
Min. Tractor HP required 45
Min. lifting capacity (kg) 600
Min. lifting capacity (LBS) 1300
Max. capacity ( m² hr) 12000
Max. capacity (ft² hr) 108000
Three-point hitch 3-point CAT 1-2
Lubricant EP 2
Temporarily unavailable 1
Description Quantity Article number
Toolbox and manual 1
Deep slit knife kit 64 213.220.010
Description Quantity Article number
Rear roller kit 1 213.220.002
Truckster knife kit 64 213.220.004
Additional truckster knife kit 32 213.220.006
Fine slit knife kit 360 213.220.008
Additional Deep Slit Knife Kit 32 213.220.012
Hollow tine kit 96 213.220.014
Weight Transfer Kit (Can Be Used Without Wheel Kit 1 213.220.016
Twist deep slit knife kit 64 213.220.018
Additional twist deep slit knife kit 32 213.220.020
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