The Multi-Sport combination implement tool offers many features in one unit. The integrated Slitter, Rake, Roller and Brush can be adjusted to varying depths or taken out of use as conditions require. The Multi-Sport is very popular in sport fields, municipalities and grassroot sport areas

Many tools in one unit
Weight trays on Slitter and Roller
Intergrated storgage legs
See the Level-Spike 1700 for a deeper Slitter option
SKU 161.180.000
Working width (m) 1.8
Working width (inch) 71
Max. Working speed (km h) 12
Max. Working speed (mph) 7.5
Weight (kg) 325
Weight (lbs) 716
Min. Tractor HP required 18
Max. capacity ( m² hr) 21600
Max. capacity (ft² hr) 232416
Three-point hitch 3-point CAT 1-2
Lubricant EP 2
Description Quantity Article number
Toolbox with combi tool and manual 1
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