Power Box Rake 800

The Power Box Rake 800 is designed to carry out various tasks including cultivating, raking, levelling & earth moving. The machine is attached to a 2-wheel tractor, which drives the rotor with special carbide teeth. The PBR800 can be adjusted both to the left & the right to move material as required

Ideal for small areas and landscapes
Perfect for ground levelling and preparation
Adjustable working depth to suit application
SKU 152.080.000
Operation BCS 740 two-wheel tractor
Working width (m) 0.8
Working width (inch) 31.5
Max. Working depth (mm) 75
Max. Working depth (inch) 3
Weight (kg) 92 (PBR) & 234 (two-wheel tractor)
Weight (lbs) 202.4 (PBR) & 515 (two-wheel tractor)
Min. Tractor HP required 12
Gearbox oil 80W 90
Dimensions (width mm) PBR: 100 - 2-wheel tractor: 100
Dimensions (height mm) PBR: 71 - 2-wheel tractor 135
Dimensions (length mm) PBR: 70 - 2-wheel tractor 195
Dimensions (width inch) PBR: 39.4 - 2-wheel tractor 39.4
Dimensions (height inch) PBR: 28 - 2-wheel tractor 53.1
Dimensions (length inch) PBR: 27.6 - 2-wheel tractor 76.8
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