Verti-Top® 1800

The Verti-Top® is a complete cleaning system for synthetic turf surfaces, the powered brush lifts debris for collection while the oscillating sieve separates & returns any infill to pitch; an integrated vacuum system collects small particulate such as dust and hair in the washable bag.

Suitable for a range of synthetic turf surfaces
Interchangeable sieves
Tines can be lowered for more intensive de-compaction
Consider the Verti-Top® 1200 for smaller areas
SKU 147.180.000
Working width (m) 1.8
Working width (inch) 70.9
Max. Working depth (mm) 0 - 26
Max. Working depth (inch) 0 - 1.02
Hopper capacity (m3) 3 x 27 Ltr.
Hopper capacity (FT3) 3 x 0,953
Max. Working speed (km h) 5
Max. Working speed (mph) 3
Weight (kg) 440
Weight (lbs) 970
Sieve size (mm) 5 x 5
Sieve size (inch) 0.2 x 0.2
Min. Tractor HP required 25
Min. Lifting capacity 610 mm behind the lifting eyes (kg) 480
Max. capacity ( m² hr) 9000
Max. capacity (ft² hr) 96875
Three-point hitch 3-point CAT 1-2
Rpm Max. 540
Gearbox oil SAE 90
Lubricant EP 2
Description Quantity Article number
Toolbox with combi tool and manual 1
PTO Shaft 1
Sieve meshes 5x5mm (0.2"x0.2") 1 458.069.170
Description Quantity Article number
Sieve meshes 3.2x3.2 mm (0.13"x0.13") 1 458.069.171
Sieve meshes 4x4 mm (0.16"x0.16") 1 458.069.172
Sieve meshes 5.5x5.5 mm (0.22"x0.22") 1 458.069.173
Sieve meshes 6x6 mm (0.24"x0.24") 1 458.069.174
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