Vibra-Sandmaster (with Verti-Quake)

The Vibra-Sandmaster de-compacts & adds surface drainage to the soil profile all in one pass. Integrated within the Vibra-Sandmaster is the Verti-Quake® 2516, this de-compacts and opens the soil to depth of 250 mm. Vibrating coulters fill the slits with sand to leave minimal surface disruption.

Immediate results
One pass opperation
Ideal contractors tools
The Rink DS3100 CB is an ideal companion to fill the Vibra-Sandmaster
SKU 115.251.502
Working width (m) 1.56
Working width (inch) 61.4
Max. Working depth (mm) 125-200
Max. Working depth (inch) 4.9 - 7.9
Hopper capacity (m3) 1.5
Hopper capacity (FT3) 53
Max. Working speed (km h) 0.5 - 1.5
Max. Working speed (mph) 0.3 - 0.9
Weight (kg) 2035 (without Verti-Quake 2516) / 2650 (with Verti-Quake 2516)
Weight (lbs) 4486 (without Verti-Quake 2516) / 5842 (with Verti-Quake 2516)
Number of filling coulters 6
Distance between filling coulters (mm) 260
Distance between filling coulters (inch) 10,236
Thickness of filling coulters (mm) 25
Thickness of filling coulters (inch) 0.984
Min. Tractor HP required 65-90 with four-wheel drive
Max. capacity ( m² hr) 1000
Max. capacity (ft² hr) 10800
Min. Oil supply of tractor (l min) 30
Min. Oil supply of tractor (US Gal min) 7.9
Required connections 1 x single-acting (lifting machine)1 x double-acting valve (conveyor belt)
Rpm Max. 540
Lubricant EP2 + High grade grease HT Q9
Description Quantity Article number
20mm Verti-Quake Blade 18 311.320.421
Funnel blade sandmaster 6 311.325.598
Toolbox with combi tool and manual 1
Storage Legs 1
PTO Shaft 1
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