Double Disc Overseeder 1830A

Limited availability

The Double Disc Overseeder features two rows of discs to offer the closest of seed rows at just 30mm / 1.18” The seed is delivered with precision into the slit before the rear roller passes over the ground to close the soil and protect the seed ready for germination

Optional Bogie Wheel Kits
Single hopper design for easy loading of seed
Unique Gearbox for precise adjustment of seed rate
Consider the Double Disc Overseeder 1430A for smaller areas
Working width (m)1.83
Working width (inch)72
Max. Working depth (mm)30
Max. Working depth (inch).19 - 1.18
Max. Working speed (km h)12
Max. Working speed (mph)7.5
Weight (kg)1647
Weight (lbs)3631
Sowing distance (mm)30
Sowing distance (inch)1.18
Hopper capacity (L)330
Hopper capacity (cu.ft.)11.65
Number of seeding elements61
Min. Tractor HP required50
Min. Lifting capacity 610 mm behind the lifting eyes (kg)1647
Min. Lifting capacity 24 inch behind the lifting eyes (lbs)3631
Max. capacity ( m² hr)21960
Max. capacity (ft² hr)236375
Three-point hitch3-point CAT 1-2
Limited availability1
DescriptionQuantityArticle number
Toolbox and manual1
DescriptionQuantityArticle number
Bogey Wheel Kit 18301222.180.002
Outside weigth kit OS 1830A 563 KG1222.180.004
Inside weight kit os 1830A 272 KG1222.180.006
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