Working with the Rink 1210 topdresser is more efficient accoring to NEC

October 19, 2023

NEC, a professional Dutch football club based in Nijmegen, works with a topdressing spreader from Redexim. NEC’s pitches are top-dressed with a Rink 1210. The football club opted for this new brush spreading equipment because the new machine allows it to work more efficiently and faster.

‘Previously, we always had to disconnect the spreader from the tractor for topdressing. Because the Rink 1210 can simply be placed behind a club cart we can work much faster,’ explains stadium manager Theo van Benthum.

‘The hopper of the Rink 1210 can carry a lot of sand which makes topdressing the football pitch a lot easier‘. Meanwhile, this machine has already been used for a few pitches and Van Benthum is satisfied with his new purchase. ‘It really meets our expectations‘.

The top dresser comes from Redexim and was supplied by Bruntink Voorst, who was able to deliver immediately. This machine has been on the market for many years says Ton Bos from Redexim. ‘It is sold to a lot to football clubs abroad. In the Netherlands, spinner spreaders are very popular.  The brush spreader is also used to infill synthetic sports fields on a regular basis.’

The rotating brush of the Rink 1210 spreads the material evenly and dissolves any lumps. The speed of the conveyor belt and the brush roller are finely tuned to each other, ensuring the operator the right spreading thickness.

The hopper capacity of this topdresser is one cubic metre and its spreading width is 180cm. It is lightweight due to the aluminium hopper, has a very low base due to the four-wheeled axle and can be towed by smaller vehicles.

Source: Fieldmanager Magazine

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