Aeration Tines

Aeration Tines in a Verti-Core

The proper tines allow for flexibility in the aeration approach. Aeration tine sizes and types from Redexim are adaptable for various turf types and soil conditions. The aeration process improves soil oxygenation, develops healthy plant roots, and keeps issues like gas accumulation and increased soil density at bay. Use Redexim aeration tines in all Redexim Verti-Drain models. 

Elevate Your Turf with High-Quality Aeration Tines

As the inventors of the Verti-Drain and with more than 40 years of experience in the field, we understand precisely which tines, sizes, and materials work best for aeration. Just like a key fits perfectly into a lock, our Genuine Redexim Tines are designed to fit flawlessly with our machines, ensuring a harmonious operation. Manufactured to the highest standards, Redexim aeration tines meet the specific needs of your Redexim machinery, embodying a commitment to quality that’s been tested and proven, reducing the risk of damage and downtime.

Redexim offers aeration tines that include hollow, soil, cross, chisel, cornetto, and grenade tines. For deep tine aeration with the Verti-Drain, Redexim tines will penetrate deeper soil layers and improve drainage and aeration. Using the Verti-Drain with Genuine Redexim tines will create deeper, healthier root growth by decompacting the surface layers, improving drought resistance, and enhancing grass colour.

Aeration Tiines in a Verti-Drain

Solid Aeration Tines

Redexim solid aeration tines provide opportunities to aerate deeper soil layers and improve oxygen, nutrients, water flow, and rain percolation through the soil. Redexim solid tines can penetrate up to a maximum of 400mm (16’’). Solid tines allow heave or the “kicking” motion to be applied to the Verti-Drain, which lifts the soil and breaks up compaction, creating space in the soil. 

This occurs all while leaving little surface disruption so that sport can continue to be played. Solid aeration tines do not remove soil, and holes created using the Verti-Drain with solid tines will close naturally. 

Hollow Tines

Redexim hollow aeration tines remove a core of the soil profile. The hollow tine aeration allows the soil to remain open for weeks, helping to promote new root growth and remove organic matter. Hollow tines from Redexim are typically shorter than solid aeration tines. With hollow tine aeration, topdressing is required to replace the removed material with sand for optimal growing conditions. Use the Speed-Brush to ensure sand is brushed into the base of the plant and into the soil profile in combination with the Verti-Drain and Verti-Core for best results

Aeration Tines in a Verti-Drain

Aeration Tines and their Application

Aeration tines are used in the Verti-Drain, Verti-Core and Easy-Core machines. High-quality original Redexim aeration tines will allow for proper:

  • Soil Decompaction
  • Thatch control 
  • Increased water permeability 
  • Stronger, more resilient plant
  • Improved dressing and overseeding efficiency 
Aeration Tines

Frequently Asked Questions About Aeration Tines

What are the main differences between hollow and solid tines?

Redexim hollow tines remove soil cores. The removal of these cores improves aeration and draining. Solid tines punctures the soil, causes less disruption, and does not remove a core. 

Why should I use Genuine Redexim aeration tines?

Genuine Redexim aeration tines are specifically engineered to match the design and performance requirements of Redexim aeration machines. This precise compatibility ensures that your machinery operates optimally, reducing wear and tear and extending its lifespan. Additionally, genuine tines are crafted to exact standards. This guarantees they effectively improve soil aeration and health. By using genuine Redexim tines, you maintain your equipment and achieve meticulous turf management and quality.

How do hollow tines improve soil quality?

Hollow tines remove a core of the soil profile and leavespace for oxygen, nutrients, and water to penetrate. The effects of hollow tine aeration practices will include reduced compaction. 

Can aeration help in managing thatch buildup?

Aeration using Redexim Verti-Drain aerators and genuine tines will help to manage thatch buildup by improving soil structure and microbial activity.

How does Redexim Verti-Drain technology enhance turf health?

Redexim Verti-Drain technology combined with genuine Redexim tines will penetrate the soil deeply to relieve soil compaction. Improved breathability comes with better root growth, turf colour, and overall turf health. 

What are the environmental benefits of using Redexim tines for aeration?

With more and more restrictions on chemicals in turf grass management, it is essential to establish maintenance routines that promote better turf health and resistance to disease. Using Redexim tines for aeration reduces soil compaction, promotes healthier turf, and creates less need for chemical treatments.

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