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Rink Topdressing Machines by Redexim

Topdressing machines, crucial for turf management on golf courses and sports turfs, involves applying a thin layer of material to improve drainage, decrease disease, and enhance playing conditions. The partnership between Redexim and Rink has improved the efficiency and effectiveness of topdressing

Redexim’s Cutting-Edge Topdressing Machines

Topdressing offers significant advantages for both turf health and athlete performance. Not only does topdressing promote healthier grass that is more resistant to disease it also provides a better experience for athletes, especially golfers. Topdressing increases turf density, improving ball roll and playability.

It also allows for better water penetration, reducing the need for water and extending golf ball distance and roll. Additionally, quicker fairway access after a strong rainfall means fewer golf course restrictions. Topdressing leads to more consistent and enjoyable playing conditions that are easier to maintain.

The Benefits of using Topdressing Machines For Athletes:

  • Enhanced Playability: Firmer, drier fairways and improved ball roll.
  • Increased Access: Less downtime after rainfall for more play.
  • Safer Surface: Reduced risk of injury with more even and predictable playing surfaces.

The Benefits of using Topdressing Machines For Turf:

  • Improved Drainage: Enhanced water permeability, reducing retention.
  • Disease Reduction: Lower incidence of common turf diseases.
  • Cost Savings: Less chemical use and fewer closures enhance cost efficiency.
Redexim Brush Spreader Topdressing Machines by Rink

Topdressing Machines for Brush Spreading

The brush spreading method involves a rotating brush to distribute topdressing material evenly across the turf. This technique is particularly valued for precise applications, such as on putting greens, where achieving a uniform layer is crucial for maintaining consistent playing conditions.

The controlled action of the brush ensures that the topdressing material integrates well with the turf, promoting healthier grass without disrupting the surface.

Topdressing Machines for Disc Spreading

This disc or spinner method spreads topdressing material over a wide area. Disc or broadcast spreaders are ideal for facilities requiring light and frequent applications. The disc spreading technique ensures the playing field remains level and healthy, offering a practical solution for maintaining large areas efficiently. This efficient method is acceptable for various sports and recreational fields.

Redexim Topdressing Machines by Rink
Redexim Rink H1500 Topdresser

Topdressing Machines for Drop Spreading

For applying heavier or more substantial layers of topdressing, the drop spreading technique is preferred. This method is particularly effective in filling aeration holes and modifying the turf’s surface level for improved drainage. One of the most important benefits of drop spreading is that it can cater to specific maintenance needs or challenges. When managing turf effectively requires a targeted topdressing application, drop spreading is the solution.

Redexim Rink SP950 Topdressing

Frequently Asked Questions About Topdressing

What are the main differences between Disc Spreading and Brush Spreading?

Disc spreading and brush spreading with the Redexim topdressing machines differs in the area the spreaders target. Disc spreading is best for broad, even coverage. Brush spreading is used for precise control over the application.

What are the advantages of Topdressing?

Topdressing benefits athletes and the turf. The topdressing process improves soil structure, turf health, playability, and drainage. In addition, proper topdressing procedures will reduce disease risk, enhance drainage, and increase turf firmness.

Can I use Redexim topdressing machines for materials other than sand?

Yes, our topdressing machines are versatile and can handle a variety of topdressing materials, including sand, soil, and infill

What are the benefits of combining aeration with topdressing?

The combination of aeration and topdressing helps to promote deeper root growth, improve soil structure, and enhance the effectiveness of the topdressing by allowing healthy material to fill aeration holes. The overall results are better drainage and improved turf health. 

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