Power Box Rake 800

The Power Box Rake 800 is designed to carry out various tasks including cultivating, raking, levelling & earth moving. The machine is attached to a 2-wheel tractor, which drives the rotor with special carbide teeth. The PBR800 can be adjusted both to the left & the right to move material as required

Ideal for small areas and landscapes
Perfect for ground levelling and preparation
Adjustable working depth to suit application
SKU 152.080.000
Operation BCS 74. 2-wheel tractor
Working width (m) 0.8
Working width (inch) 31.5
Max. Working depth (mm) 75
Max. Working depth (inch) 3
Weight (kg) 92 (PBR) & 234 (2-wheel tractor)
Weight (lbs) 202.4 (PBR) & 515 (2-wheel tractor)
Min. Tractor HP required 12
Gearbox oil 80W 90
Dimensions (width mm) PBR: 100 - 2-wheel tractor: 100
Dimensions (height mm) PBR: 71 - 2-wheel tractor 135
Dimensions (length mm) PBR: 70 - 2-wheel tractor 195
Dimensions (width inch) PBR: 39.4 - 2-wheel tractor 39.4
Dimensions (height inch) PBR: 28 - 2-wheel tractor 53.1
Dimensions (length inch) PBR: 27.6 - 2-wheel tractor 76.8
* This product may not be available for your region - Redexim reserves the right to change specification of products without prior notice, specifications of equipment may vary globally - illustrations are for visual representation only.
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