The Cultipack Seeder is ideal for the seeding of smaller or more sensitive areas, the stand-on chariot is towed by a two-wheel tractor for speed and manoeuvrability. The rings on the tractor create furrows for the seed before the Cultipack accurately distributes seed ready for covering & germination

Ideal for sowing seed in small areas
Easy to adjust seed rate
Fast and effective
See the Turf-Seeder 1800 for a larger tractor version
SKU 124.091.000
Operation Honda F720 Power Tiller or similar
Working width (inch) 35.83
Weight (kg) 325
Weight (lbs) 715
Hopper capacity (ltr) 55
Hopper capacity (cu.ft.) 1.94
Max. capacity ( m² hr) 5000
Max. capacity (ft² hr) 231.9904
Lubricant EP 2
Dimensions (width mm) 1100
Dimensions (height mm) 700
Dimensions (length mm) 1000
Dimensions (width inch) 43.31
Dimensions (height inch) 27.56
Dimensions (length inch) 39.37
Description Quantity Article number
Toolbox and manual 1

*Tämä tuote ei välttämättä ole saatavilla alueellasi – Redexim pidättää oikeuden tehdä muutoksia tuotteen teknisiin tietoihin ilmoittamatta, tekniset tiedot saattavat vaihdella alueellisesti – piirrokset ovat vain suuntaa antavia.

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