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Verti®-Comb 1800

The Verti-Comb 1800 has a combination of brushes arranged in multiple directions on the machine to give superior performance on range of surface types. The bristles work into the carpet pile to agitate infill & erect flat pile quickly. Available with a range of options to suit many applications

Available with tow bar, tines and magnet
Suitable for different surface types
Integrated storage stands
Consider the Verti®-Comb 4000 for larger areas
SKU 146.180.010
Working width (m) 1.8
Working width (inch) 70.9
Max. Working speed (km h) 12
Working speed (mph) 7.5
Weight (kg) 150
Weight (lbs) 331
Min. Tractor HP required 30
Min. lifting capacity (kg) 500
Min. lifting capacity (LBS) 1102
Max. capacity ( m² hr) 21600
Max. capacity (ft² hr) 232500
Required connections 1 x Double-acting valve
Three-point hitch 3-point CAT 1-2
Description Quantity Article number
Toolbox with combi tool and manual 1
Description Quantity Article number
Bogey kit hydraulic adjustment 1 246.400.008
Standard brushset with Ø 2,2mm bristles, 14/bundle 1 246.180.010
Steel pin section dia. 3mm for Verti-Comb 1800 fro 1 246.180.002
Bogey kit manual adjustment 1 246.400.004
Soft brushset with Ø1,5mm bristles, 18/bundle, 25m 1 246.180.008
Set of transport wheels 1 246.180.000
Hard brushset with Ø 3mm bristles, 8/bundle, 50mm' 1 246.180.012
Magnetic strip for Verti-Comb 1800* 1 246.180.004

* This product may not be available for your region - Redexim reserves the right to change specification of products without prior notice, specifications of equipment may vary globally - illustrations are for visual representation only.


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