Redexim Speed-Clean lives up to name, offering fast clearance of surface debris

14 September 2022

As we head into autumn, clearance of debris such as leaves will become a priority for those maintaining a synthetic surface. For the fast removal and collection of leaves and other debris, the Speed-Clean from Redexim is a land-driven surface sweeper which efficiently lifts and separates infill and contaminants in a single pass.

It is important that surface cleaning takes place as soon as any material is present on the top of the carpet. If left, allowing the debris to be broken down and trodden into the carpet, bigger problems with drainage and compromised play performance and safety are likely to follow. The paddle brush system of the Speed-Clean effectively lifts the infill from the surface, where detritus is separated via an oscillating sieve and collected in bins on the rear of the unit. The cleaned infill is then returned to the surface, restoring a carpets permeability and playability.

Available in 1m and 1.7m working widths to suit facilities of all sizes, the machine also features integrated tines to aid decompaction while the rear brush preens the surface to leave an aesthetically pleasing finish.

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