Are the high wear areas of your turf suffering from bare spots?

During the season high traffic areas such as entry and exit points, the center of football, rugby fields, soccer, lacrosse goals, golf greens and outfield areas of baseball diamonds can get worn out. In such cases overseeding these area as the grass thins can help avoid the formation of bare spots. The process ofadding seed to or over existing turf can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Overseeding can be carried out  prior to the playing season commencing or to address problem areas that emerge throughout the season. The two basic seeding methods to create a seedbed within existing turf are disc seeding and dimple/ spike seeding.

Dimple Overseeding

Dimple seeders create seed pockets in the soil with conical spikes, seed is then dropped into these pockets. The seed that is left on the surface is brushed-in before a rear roller closes the holes. This method is ideal if you want to overseed large areas quickly. This seeding method may be less precise, but it can enable high seeding density and ensure that the sports surface is quicker playable again and less surface disturbance while giving a random germination pattern.

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Disc Overseeding

Disc Overseeders opens the soil and drops the seed accurately in a groove before the roller closes the groove to protect the seed and germination to start. This way you can make sure your precious seed is safe from birds and out of the way of the wind thus guaranteeing a good germination rate.

Overseeding with the Redexim 3D  disc overseeder

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