Redexim Turf Tidy makes light work of leaf clearance

9 September 2020

Redexim Turf Tidy makes light work of leaf clearance

Making light work of autumn leaf clearance and collection is the versatile Turf Tidy from Redexim. Available in 1.4 or 1.8m working width models, the Turf Tidy is a sweeper that can be additionally used to verti-cut, scarify and/or flail mow on a variety of different turf surfaces.

The fully floating head of the Turf Tidy follows ground contours ensuring accurate collection of leaves and other surface debris such as pine needles, cores or grass clippings. Powerful suction is provided by wind paddles creating updraft in conjunction with the blades, which ensures strong pick up of debris when the sweeper head is fitted, and a superior cut quality when mowing or verti-cutting.

The smaller Turf Tidy 2300 model features a 2.3mhopper capacity while its larger counterpart, the Turf Tidy 3000, offers a capacity of 3.0m(106cu.ft). At just over 1500kg, the Turf Tidy 3000 offers a high work rate without demanding a large tractor, meaning that it only requires a 25hp for sweeping, up to 45hp for other operations. Both models feature a hydraulic high-tip mechanism, lifting and offloading the hopper contents at a maximum height of 2.17m for quick and convenient emptying straight into a loader or trailer.

For sweeping on hard surfaces, an optional brush head improves leaf and debris collection or, for work on softer ground, the Turf Tidy 3000 can be specified with 4 rear tyres to help minimise ground pressure. Easy access to the rotor makes for simple removal and installation of different blades, improving efficiency and reducing machinery downtime.

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