Base Rake w/soft brushes

The Base-Rake with tines & soft brush is ideal for the intensive brushing & de-compaction of filled synthetic carpetsystems. The front brush agitates and erects the pile before the tines de-compact the infill material prior to the rear brush preening & levelling the surface leaving it safe & open.

Optional bogie wheel kit towing
Easily adjustable tines for a range of surfaces
Consider the Extreme Clean 1200 or Extreme Clean 1800 for very compacted carpets
SKU 162.150.004
Working width (m) 1.5
Working width (inch) 59
Weight (kg) 76
Weight (lbs) 168
Min. Tractor HP required 16
Min. lifting capacity (kg) 76
Min. lifting capacity (lbs) 176
Max. lifting capacity (kg) 76
Max. lifting capacity (lbs) 168
Description Quantity Article number
Tow bar & wheels for Base Rake 1 262.150.000
* This product may not be available for your region.