Laser-Grader 2400

The Laser-Grader 2400 has dual PVG16 valves fitted as standard to allow the machine to be controlled to a dual laser receiver for the most accurate control of the working depths and a perfectly level finish. Integrated ripping tines can be lowered to help break-up tough soils

Ripping tines as standard
Large wheels for rough surfaces
Consider the Laser-Grader 1800 for smaller areas
SKU 192.240.002
Operation Tractor pulled
Working width (m) 2.4
Working width (inch) 94.5
Max. Working speed (km h) Depending on the conditions and required results
Working speed (mph) Depending on the conditions and required results
Weight (kg) 1415
Weight (lbs) 3120
Min. Tractor HP required 50
Required connections Double acting valve with free hydraulic oil return
Lubricant EP 2
Dimensions (width mm) 2.48
Dimensions (height mm) 1.2
Dimensions (length mm) 4.7
Dimensions (width inch) 97.6
Dimensions (height inch) 47.1
Dimensions (length inch) 185