The Turf Tidy is a versatile sweeping machine, allowing for de-thatching, verti-cutting, sweeping or flail cutting. The Turf Tidy’s fully floating head follows the ground contours ensuring accurate cutting and excellent pick-up. The high-tip hopper can easily be emptied into a trailer or similar.

Excellent at a range of site tasks
Standard high-tip hopper
Floating head with independant rollers
Working width (m)1.8
Working width (inch)71
Max. Working depth (mm)Harrow: -30 | Mowing: 10 / 80
Max. Working depth (inch)Harrow: -1.2 | Mowing: 0.4 - 3.1
Hopper capacity (m3)3
Hopper capacity (FT3)106
Max. Working speed (km h)As Sweeping: 1-10 | As Harrowing: 1-5 | As Mowing: 1-2
Max. Working speed (mph)As Sweeping: 0.6 - 6 | As Harrowing: 0.6 - 3 | As Mowing: 0.6 - 1.5
Weight (kg)1528
Weight (lbs)3369
Tipping height (mm)2170
Tipping height (inch)85
Distance between blades (harrow) (mm20 / 40
Distance between blades harrow (inch)0.8 / 1.6
Min. Tractor HP required Harrow & Mowing: 45
Rpm Max.Harrow&Mowing: 540
Gearbox oil1.7L SAE 80W90
DescriptionQuantityArticle number
Toolbox with combi tool and manual1
Double lip pull eye1470.122.200
DescriptionQuantityArticle number
Brush Kit Turf-Tidy 3000, incl. axle + 4 brushes1241.180.002
H-quick connector9025000-080
Din eye draw bar1470.202.550
Blade hook90472.100.610
Wind vane46341.302.090
Caster Wheel Kit for Turf-Tidy1241.180.016
Wind paddle left90341.303.099
Wind paddle right90341.303.098
Back to back flail bade180341.302.120
Paddle Flail blade90341.305.122
Scarifier blade 2 mm (0.08")90341.302.122
Separate brush with pvc body ( 4 needed per set),4486.171.860/RI
Separate brush ( 4 needed per set), each4486.171.860
Brake axle complete with hydraulic cylinder1241.180.010
Dual wheel kit at back1241.180.006
Wide angle PTO for easier turning1613.809.402
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