The Multi-Seeder: Terrain Adaptation while Seeding with a Floating Double Spiked Roller

April 2, 2024

The Redexim turf maintenance range prioritises quality, cost-effectiveness, and operational efficiency. At the core of the product lineup, the overseeders stand out, streamlining the process of integrating new grass seed into existing turf. The benefits of overseeding include increased density, enhanced visual appeal, and protection against pests and diseases. The Multi-Seeder 1200, 1600 and 2100 models expedite the overseeding process, optimising efficiency and producing superior outcomes. Explore the Redexim Multi-Seeder and discover the benefits it offers for comprehensive turf maintenance.

Redexim Multi-Seeder Features 

Every turf maintenance facility has unique needs. The Redexim Multi-Seeder comes in three different models to account for those needs. The working width ranges from 1.2 m to a working width of 2.1 m.  

All Multi Seeders feature floating twin spike rollers that can adjust to ground contours. Even when dealing with uneven turf, seed penetration and superior coverage are never an issue. The Redexim Multi-Seeder also offers adjustable seed rates and an adjustable brush system to ensure precise seed placement into the prepared holes. 

The Multi Seeder saturates the surface with 1918 holes per m², which facilitates dense and even seed distribution. 

The Multi-Seeder Process

The effectiveness of the Multi-Seeder lies in both the technology the machine offers and the process it follows. 

The floating twin spike rollers of the Multi Seeder adapt to the ground’s contours and saturate the ground with small holes. Seeds are then accurately dispensed onto the prepared surface with even coverage across the area. 

Next an adjustable brush on the Multi Seeder sweeps the seeds into the holes created by the spike rollers. The process helps to facilitate optimal seed to soil contact. 

Finally, the rear roller passes over the seeded area, covering the seed with soil. The additional soil will promote the germination process and help ensure the overseeding has minimal disruption to the field. 

This process is especially beneficial in golf course applications where golfers’ play time is restricted when a course is healing from overseeding. 

Multi-Seeder Impact on Turf Care Management 

With the advanced seeding technology offered in the Redexim seeder, the impact on the quality and ease of turf management is easily recognisable. Here are a few of the most significant impacts that the Multi-Seeder has. 

Surface Adaptation: The twin spike rollers on the Multi-Seeder adjust to ground contours. The pivoting front carriage allows for work on undulating surfaces with consistent seed placement and depth. The front rollers of the Multi Seeder can be set to fixed or float, accommodating different types of surfaces and enhancing the machine’s adaptability to various conditions.

Efficiency and Effectiveness: With the Redexim Multi-Seeder, seeds are distributed onto the surface with the help of two spiked rollers. With double the amount of holes the overseeding process is quicker. The result is more dense turf resistant to disease and harsh weather conditions. 

Multiseeder with twin spiked roller

Redexim Multi-Seeder In Action 

The Redexim Multi Seeder is used throughout the world at golf courses, sports fields, packs and recreational areas, educational campuses and equestrian facilities. With the labour efficiency and improved germination, the Redexim Multi-Seeder brings real solutions to professionals. 

One such professional is Keith Burgon, the Head Greenkeeper at Eyemouth Golf Club. Keith mentions to Golf Business News that he recognises that since introducing the Multi-Seeder to his team, he has been able to reduce the time and the manpower needed for overseeding operations. 

” The twin roller set up of the Multi-Seeder is creating double the holes. Due to this overseeding our 18 greens takes just a matter of hours – resulting in major labour savings and improvements in germination too ”

Head Greenkeeper at Eyemouth Golf Club

Keith has used the Multi–Seeder before and has seen the fantastic results it achieves at other clubs first-hand. This made him request a demo which allowed his team to try the Multi-Seeder on a couple of their greens and tees. His whole team was immediately impressed by the minimal disruption this overseeder left and the great germination that followed.

The ability to overseed more often and adapt to challenging terrains with minimal disruption and noticeability to golfers makes the Multi-Seeder one of the most valuable assets for Eyemouth Golf Club. 

The Multi-Seeder comparison

Multi-Seeder 1200Multi-Seeder 1600Multi-Seeder 2100
Working width (m)
Weight (kg)619750922
Hopper capacity (L)150200270
Min. Tractor HP required253545

Final Thoughts

The Redexim Multi-Seeder delivers optimal depth, thorough coverage, and a streamlined process, simplifying your next overseeding task. Designed with user convenience in mind, it is effortless to maintain and transport. The Redexim Multi-Seeder operates efficiently for numerous overseeding projects throughout the year. For a facility seeking a comprehensive answer to overseeding challenges, Redexim stands ready to provide the ultimate solution.

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