SC Heerenveen chooses Redexim Machinery

March 28, 2024

In addition to the maintenance of its stadium, Professional Dutch Football Club SC Heerenveen has taken the maintenance of the adjacent training complex ‘Skoatterwâld’ under its responsibility. Additionally they are thinking about expanding the training complex by six pitches. Reasons enough to invest in the right machinery. SC Heerenveen’s Field Manager Gertjan Hilarius opted for Redexim.

Hilarius has been working at SC Heerenveen for four years. Recently, he was elected Field Manager of the Year (FOTY) and he is happy about that: ‘It’s a nice title. I get a lot of reactions to it; I didn’t expect that beforehand. It certainly brings more than the trophy during the award ceremony.’ Recently, SC Heerenveen invested in extensive new machinery from Redexim, supplied by DEM BV, also from the province of Friesland.

Sc Heerenveen's Fieldmanager Gertjan Hilarius chooses Redexim

When Hilarius started at Heerenveen, the machinery was poor, he says. ‘Together with facilities manager Lammert Meester, I developed a plan on how to elevate the maintenance of the stadium and our training complex Sportpark Skoatterwâld, to a higher level. We took the maintenance of Skoatterwâld back into our own hands, and that also played a role in deciding to purchase new machinery.’

Professional Football Organisation as a client

Hilarius and his colleagues chose Redexim. According to Hilarius, the purchase of the four large machines from Redexim, delivered at the beginning of this year, is the result of gradually taking maintenance to the next level over four years. SC Heerenveen invested in, among other things, a Turf-Tidy 3000, the sweeper combined with a scarifier. In addition, a new Verti-Drain 7416, a Multi-Sport, and a Verti-Rake 200 (tickler), all from Redexim. ‘All in all, a completely new machine park has been delivered, including new mowers and a new tractor,’ summarizes Hilarius.

‘That’s correct,’ agrees Nanne Stiemsma of DEM BV. Stiemsma is the account manager at DEM, a local dealer of Redexim and other brands. ‘In addition to the Redexim machinery, we supplied a tractor from Iseki.‘ Stiemsma knows Hilarius from the time when he was Head Greenskeeper. ‘Back then, I sold him several machines and even during his time at SC Heerenveen we delivered some equipment. These machines were specifically for use in the stadium. Now that maintenance of the training complex has been added, more capacity is needed.’

Good advice

As an experienced Field Manager, Hilarius knows very well what he wants on his sports fields. He knows the market and the machinery. ‘So, deciding which types of machines we would choose did not take much time. However, DEM could still advise us very well on additional details or a machine type that has a better fit with the current and future situation. SC Heerenveen is currently expanding its training complex by six pitches. This machinery and the choices we have made are geared towards that.’ SC Heerenveen’s machine park has been completely renewed with Redexim, partly because of an upcoming expansion’.

Stiemsma: ‘Gertjan basically, knew very well what he wanted and we fine-tuned the selection together. He doesn’t need a lot of advice. He knows a lot about grass and fields and he is already very familiar with the machines he has chosen now. He initially requested a lighter machine than the Verti-Drain 7416 we delivered. In our conversations, it became clear that deeper aeration was needed; that’s why we chose a heavier Verti-Drain type. This in turn affected the type of compact tractor, as it needs sufficient power to pull and operate the machine.’


For Hilarius, the choice of Redexim is obvious. ‘Redexim has been the market leader for years when it comes to aeration machines and other equipment got golf courses and sports grounds. When I was a sixteen-year-old boy working on a golf course, we already used Redexim machines. In addition, the service and quality are very good. That makes the choice for Redexim easy.’

Nanne Stiemsma from DEM and Gertjan Hilarius from SC Heerenveen in front of Redexim machinery

DEM, also from Friesland, got a different kind of client with this order. A demanding client, as the pitches always have to be in good condition ,and training sessions can’t wait. ‘That was indeed a challenge. The pitches have to be in top condition at all times, so we had to deliver the machines on a certain date. Of course, we do this in consultation with Van der Haeghe, Redexim’s distributor. Then we still had to make sure the equipment would fit on the tractor and deliver everything on time with instructions. In the end, it all worked out fine.’

For the maintenance of the machines Hilarius relies on DEM BV, except for the smaller technical tasks handled by a colleague. ‘As DEM, we are a renowned player in the north of the Netherlands that provides good service. I think we are the right party in maintenance support,’ says  Stiemsma. ‘I can imagine that service is also one of the reasons why Gertjan chose us; that we can support and relieve him. As we experience it, it is a great collaboration and we are proud to have delivered this Redexim machine park.’

Well thought-out

At the election of Field Manager of the Year, the jury reported about Hilarius that he is an innovator and thinks a bit further ahead than most field managers when purchasing new machines. A characteristic that came in handy when purchasing the new machinery. ‘As a Field Manager, I try to be an inspiration to my colleagues.’ Hilarius’ team consists of four permanent employees, supported by two people with mental disabilities. During match days, he can call on ten volunteers. ‘An incredibly nice team of people with different backgrounds who all have something to do with the club or with grass. They always show up.’

Hilarius concludes: ‘Redexim stands out because of their thoughtfulness. Every machine is very well thought-out and you notice that. Moreover, the company listens carefully to the user and they are incredibly good at service. All this together makes it a unique product.’

Source: Field Manager Magazine

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