New Year, New Verti-Cut Range

January 12, 2021

New Year, New Verti-Cut Range

It’s a new year and for us, that brings with it two new additions to our scarification portfolio. Extending our Verti-Cut range, 2021 sees the introduction of two larger working widths with the launch of the Verti-Cut® 1600 and Verti-Cut® 2000. Developed in direct response to customer demand and to compliment our existing offering, both of the new models offer scarification to depths of up to 50mm (1.95”).

The Verti-Cut employs specially designed carbide-tipped blades which encourages healthy turf by cutting the lateral growth of grass roots and removing dead plant material, providing more room for roots and shoots to grow and allowing for better water penetration and airflow. This improved downward movement of moisture and nutrients delivers far more uniform, vigorous and vibrant growth in return. The new Verti-Cut® 1600 offers a 1.6m (63”) working width which makes it ideal for smaller, undulating surfaces such as golf courses while at 2.0m (78.7”), the Verti-Cut® 2000 lends itself to the scarification of larger spaces such as sports fields

Both new models are tractor mounted and PTO driven, with the drive system utilising chains to ensure constant drive to the blades – even when working at depth. The adjustment of the Verti-Cut’s working depth can be done accurately and with ease through alterations to the front roller, which also helps to negate scalping when working on undulating ground. As standard, the Verti-Cut comes with 2mm blades operating at a spacing of 30mm (1.18”),
though this can be increased to 58mm (2.28”) if required. 1mm and 3mm blades can also be specified as an optional extra.

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