Redexim range delivers complete versatility for overseeding

March 16, 2021

Redexim range delivers complete versatility for overseeding

The provision of favourable germination and establishment conditions are essential to the success of any overseeding operation. Seeds will differ in terms of the amount of light, moisture and temperature required which will therefore determine the time and the method in which it should be delivered. The Redexim range of overseeders encapsulate a variety of working widths, hopper capacities and delivery methods – all of which are fully adjustable to suit a variety of different seeds.

The Redexim Speed-Seed range delivers seed into pockets generated by a spiked sarel roller. This  creates 990 holes per m2, with the seeds swept in via a rear-mounted brush. The recently re-modelled range features a new variable seed rate calibration system – which makes ratio adjustments simple and accurate, while a new mixing bar and individual seeding elements ensure good, even distribution and less wastage. Available in four width options – ranging from 1.1m ( Speed-Seed 1100 ) up to 2.3m ( Speed-Seed 2300 )– the Speed-Seed is ideal for fine turf and quick delivery across larger areas where drill lines need to be avoided.

For improved seed to soil contact, or in situations where high germination rates are the priority, disc seeders could be considered. The Overseeder 3D collection features discs spaced at 75mm which create a groove in which to accurately deposit the seed at depths of up to 30mm, before the roller seals the ground to protect the seed from the elements and/or the beaks of hungry birds. Thanks to its individually mounted coulters, the Overseeder 3D takes undulating ground easily in its stride, making it a great choice for golf – with a dedicated Overseeder 3D 1575 LV (lightweight version) further suiting fine turf applications. In addition to the 1.5m working width of the Overseeder 3D 1575 model, a 1.2m ( Overseeder 3D 1275 ) and larger 2.0m width ( Overseeder 3D 2075 ) are also available.

Also in the disc seeder category, the Redexim Double Disc series contains three machines, the Double Disc Overseeder 1430A, Double Disc Overseeder 1830A and Double Disc Overseeder 2230A, offering working widths of 1.4m, 1.8m and 2.2m respectively. The concept of the Double Disc range is to deliver seed into the soil via two rows of discs, in slits 3cm apart and to a maximum depth of up to 20mm, to ensure maximum germination. A massive 230 litre hopper capacity completes the specification. The whole Double Disc range comes complete with 3-point linkage as standard, but a trailed wheel kit is available as an option.