How Verti-Core III Merges Speed with Turf Perfection

February 20, 2024

The Verti-Core III, available in 1600 and 2100 models is designed to meet the demands and aesthetics of professional athletic field and golf course maintenance in mind. The Verti-Core III stands out for its quiet yet powerful operation and performance. The streamlined design is user-friendly yet contains the latest in aeration technology and operational efficiency. Customers define the Verti-Core III as “fast, built to last and easy to maintain.” We’ll look deeper into what makes the Verti-Core stand out from other aeration equipment and how it’s making a difference for turf professionals worldwide.

Verti-Core-III-1600 at work

Verti-Core III Features

The Verti-Core III is a state-of-the-art core aeration machine designed for efficient soil penetration. For turf maintenance professionals, the most important feature and benefit of the Verti-Core III is that it causes very little surface disruption. The Verticore achieves minimal heave motion due to its ability to penetrate the ground with hollow tines in a perfectly vertical manner.

Additional features of the Verti-Core III include:

  • Aeration Capability and Adjustable Working Depth: depth settings can be adjusted and modified for the specific needs of your facility up to 5 inches / 125mm on the Verti-Core III 1600.
  • High Work Rates: with a 2.1 m design capable of covering large areas at a high rate of speed, efficiency in turf management is greatly increased. 
  • Minimal Surface Disruption: engineered to aerate without significant damage, the belt drive keeps a neat hole pattern without damaging the turf surface. The Verti-Core method avoids breaking the soil with the insertion of the tines 
  • Improved Aesthetics: the appearance of the playing surface is significantly improved with the Verti-Core method, vertical penetration results in a perfect and uniform pattern of enhancing the field’s visual appeal, safety, and uniformity.
  • Durable Construction: built for durability even in rough environments, made with Redexim materials capable of withstanding rigorous use. 
  • Robust and Low- Maintenance: simple adjustments, few moving parts, reduced maintenance needs, built to last, and easy to maintain, as expected from Redexim.

Turf Solutions – The Verti-Core III Impact on Facility Maintenance

With the features of the Verti-Core III clearly outlined, let’s take a deeper look at the impacts that this machine has on facility maintenance.

The Verti-Core 2100 at work for Trinity Equipment Rentals, Colton, CA

Speed and Efficiency

The Verti-Core III is designed for high work rates. Whether it’s a golf course fairway or a professional sports field, there is quite a bit of ground to cover. The rapid aeration covering a large width makes this one of the fastest and most efficient solutions in the world of turf maintenance

Neat Aeration Pattern for Quicker Healing

Aeration is an invasive process. However, it is still essential to minimize surface disruption and balance the soil health benefits with aesthetic considerations.

The Verti-Core III features a non heaving action that punches in and out of the ground without heaving. Hold-down plates provide additional consistency in the aeration pattern and protect weaker grasses from pulling.

Improved Aesthetics of the Playing Field

Turf maintenance professionals are continually looking to improve the overall appeal of the playing field. Improved aesthetics, thanks to the Verti-Core III, contributes positively to the enjoyment of the game. The process of vertical penetration results in a perfect and uniform pattern of round holes, further enhancing the field’s visual appeal and uniformity.

Verti-Core-III-1600 with hollow coring pattern
Verti-Core-III-1600 with hollow coring pattern

The Verti-Core III in action

To get some additional feedback on how the Verti-Core III performs out in the field, we spoke with the owner of Lagniappe Outdoor Solutions in Louisiana, US. Robbie owns a full-service turf and landscaping business focusing on athletic field and golf course construction.

The Verti-Core was hands down the quietest and the smoothest of all the machines I tested

Robbie, Owner of Lagniappe Outdoor Solutions in Louisiana

He works with the NFL, PGA Tour, and Major League Baseball. One of the main areas of business for Robbie is contract aeration. 

He states that through the years, he has; “owned every make and model of every aerator on the market.”

When it came time to expand his fleet last spring, he looked at four or five options similar to the Verti-Core. He needed something bigger to accommodate upcoming projects. 

The Verti-Core was hands down the quietest and the smoothest of all the machines I tested. In addition, it was priced better.”

The final piece that made Robbie choose the Verti-Core was that you can turn anybody loose on it to operate or fix it.” The Verti-Core is not over-engineered. Its simpler, built-to-last design saves both time and money. 

The biggest change Robbie has seen since incorporating the Verti-Core into his business has been the speed at which he can complete projects. 

“My customers want us in and out of there. I can now take what was once a three-day project and cut it back to one and three-quarter days.” 

When we asked Robbie how his team had adjusted to working with the Verti-Core, he mentioned that he trained someone on it who had only been on a tractor for one day. 

Quicker, more efficient, less damage to the turf, and easy to use; that sums up the Verti-Core for Lagniappe Outdoor Solutions.

Redexim Quality and Longevity Speaks For Itself

The Redexim Verti-Core is built to last. Len Ochs of Trinity Equipment Rentals in Colton, California, has worked with Redexim equipment for over 20 years. Len enjoys the fact that the “durability has been consistently good with the product.” 

In the rental industry, this is a very important feature. Len finds the Verti-Core “easy to operate, priced right compared to the competition, and foolproof to work on.” However, one of the main benefits he finds with the Redexim Verti-Core is the speed. 

Customers have choices at Trinity Equipment Rentals, but when they want easy operation, durability, and speed, they go with the Redexim Verti-Core.

The Verti-Core 2100 at work for Trinity Equipment Rentals, Colton, CA
The Verti-Core 2100 at work for Trinity Equipment Rentals, Colton, CA


The Verti-Core III sets a standard for efficiency, adaptability, and cutting-edge design. Its versatile capabilities make it a tool that helps turf care professionals maintain the health and aesthetics of their athletic fields. The Verti-Core III not only meets the diverse needs of today’s turf care but also surpasses the expectations of industry veterans like Len Ochs and Robbie Leonhard.

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