Verti-Core III 1600

The punch-action Verti-Core III quickly cores turf surfaces while hold-down plates ensures no damage is caused to the surface in the process; Its belt drive systems ensure a high work-rate & neat hole pattern. The working depth can be easily adjusted as required by ground conditions and operators.

Optional side or top-eject tines
Consider the Verti-Core III 2100 for larger areas
Working width (m)1.6
Working width (inch)63
Max. Working depth (mm)100
Max. Working depth (inch)4
Weight (kg)846
Weight (lbs)1865
Hole spacing distance driving direction (mm)25 - 110
Hole spacing distance driving direction (inch)1 - 4.3
Min. Tractor HP required45
Min. Lifting capacity 610 mm behind the lifting eyes (kg)1000
Min. Lifting capacity 24 inch behind the lifting eyes (lbs)2205
Three-point hitch3-Point CAT 1
Rpm Max.540
Gearbox oilSAE 90
LubricantEP 2
DescriptionQuantityArticle number
Toolbox with combi tool and manual1
PTO Shaft1
Hollow Tine 21x125 (19 shank)249990075
DescriptionQuantityArticle number
Verti-Core III 1600 - Windrow Kit1212.160.018
Turf hold down kit multi tine block vc 16001212.160.016
Solid Tine 10x1002439200-447
Chisel Tine 5x30x90 (19 shank)24311.619.127
Solid Tine 8x9548311.108.095
Multi-Tine Kit - Verti-Core 16001212.160.014
Hollow Tine 10x80 (8 shank)48311.210.080
Multi-Tine Kit - Verti-Core 16001212.160.014
Cross Tine 12x90 (8 shank)489990020
Multi-Tine Kit - Verti-Core 16001212.160.014
Hollow Tine 16x110 (19 shank)24311.219.138
Hollow Tine 19x110 (19 shank)24311.219.158
Hollow Tine 19x125 (19 shank)24311.219.159
Hollow Tine 1.0625 inch mounting 7/818311.222.140
Tine Holder for 7/8'' Tine6466.122.554
Contra block 7/8 tine holder6472.302.554
* This product may not be available for your region - Redexim reserves the right to change specification of products without prior notice, specifications of equipment may vary globally - illustrations are for visual representation only.
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