The PTO driven Turf-Cutter is the quick and easy solution to lift turf for replacement or transplanting. The cutting depth is easily adjusted to the required level to remove the desired amount of soil and root structure while the rollers hold down the turf being cut to ensure a clean cut

A fast solution for removal of turf rolls
Infinitely long strips can be cut
Optional blades for different widths of cut
SKU 156.061.000
Working width (inch) 24
Max. Working speed (km h) Depends on conditions
Weight (kg) 258
Weight (lbs) 569
Min. Tractor HP required 18
Min. lifting capacity (kg) 300
Min. lifting capacity (LBS) 661
Max. capacity ( m² hr) 1830
Max. capacity (ft² hr) 10764
Gearbox oil SAE 90
Lubricant EP 2
Description Quantity Article number
Toolbox with combi tool and manual 1
Description Quantity Article number
Knife 457mm (18") 1 351.306.457
Extra standard knife, 610mm (24") 1 351.306.622

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