3D Overseeder – Accurate Seed Placement and High Germination Rates

March 21, 2024

Overseeding plays a pivotal role in creating and maintaining lush and dense turf. The overseeding process can be time consuming and labour-intensive without the right equipment. With the Redexim 3D Overseeders, turf management professionals are able to fill in bare spots, create more resilient turf, and save both time and money doing it. Overseeding enhances the overall health of the turf, making it more capable of dealing with environmental stresses, pests, and diseases. Redexim 3D overseeders are used to achieve a vibrant and durable turf landscape for sports fields, golf courses, and even horse racing tracks. 

Benefits of the Redexim 3D Overseeders

A healthy overseeded turf is the ultimate goal of any precision overseeder. Various benefits like disc system overseeding, user friendly design and adjustability for seed type help the Redexim Overseeder 3D 1275 and 1575 3D Overseeder stand out against competition.

Additional features of the 3D Overseeder include:

  • Adaptable to Various Seed Types: The Redexim 3D overseeders are adaptable to various seed types, making them a solution for all areas of your facilities. The adjustable gearboxes allow for precise seed rate adjustments. Depending on the time of year and goal of the overseeding application, the 3D overseeders have the necessary features.
  • Enhanced Germination: Seeds are precisely delivered into the slits while the 3D Overseeder then closes the soil. The germination rates are significantly increased, creating a dense and robust turf. The disc systems used in the 3D overseedsers from Redexim ensure high germination rates and accurate seed placement.
  • Ease of Operation and Maintenance: The machine includes a unique gearbox that is easy to maintain and operate. The advanced seed delivery mechanism in the simplifies manual labour and ensures quick and easy maintenance and part replacement. In addition, the Redexim overseeders are easy to customise. The weight bars and Bogie Wheel Kits will help adapt to any soil condition. 
  • Minimal Seed Wastage: The 3D overseeder acccuratly desposits the grass seed where it is supposed to go. Addittionaly, the rollers attached to the rear of all models safeguard the newly planted seed from the elements and wildlife. The overseeding process is more efficient and effective with the Redexim 3D Overseeders in place.

Redexim 3D Overseeders In The Field

The Redexim 3D overseeders are used in a variety of applications worldwide. Redexim users find that the 1275 and 1575 Overseeders allow for simpler turf maintenance, more effective germination, and greater adaptability. 

Ben Corby, the Senior Sports Turf Manager of the Desert Group, has used the 3D Overseeder in a variety of applications, specifically for horse race tracks. The horse race track he was responsible for maintaining was a 60,000 sq meter grass track. They invested in the Redexim 3D Overseeder to improve the effectiveness of the annual ryegrass overseeding. With the depth of the turf that Corby was working with, previous machines left the seeds on the surface. 

He mentions, “We realised that the functionality of the disc overseeding was what would improve overall germination rates.” Corby has no issues training staff on the Redexim 3D Overseeders. The overall maintenance and operation is simple and effective.

While overseeding with the 3D Overseeder

A few days after overseeding with the 3D Overseeder

“Since switching to the Redexim Overseeder 3D I noticed improved germination and longer and healthier turf “
Ben Corby, Senior Sports Turf Manager of the Deser Group in Dubai

When asked who should use the Redexim Overseeder in their operation, Corby mentioned “anyone with longer turf looking for improved seed-to-soil contact.” 

Another added benefit he mentioned is in situations where compact soil prevents proper overseeding. The disc method breaks up soil compaction as it goes. 

In addition to the 3D Overseeder from Redexim, Corby also has a Verti-Drain 7215, Verti-Quake 2521, Speedseed 2000, Turf-Stripper 2000, Verti-Core 1600 and Turf-Tidy 2300

Disc Seeding To Improve Overseeding Results

Redexim Overseeder 3D

As demonstrated by Ben Corby with his use of the Redexim 3D Overseeder in horse track maintenance; part of the benefit here is the method used. Disc seeding (also known as slit seeding) uses a device that slices the soil to deposit seeds into grooves. 

Once the grooves are created, seeds are deposited directly into them to achieve close seed-to-soil contact. This method is often considered the best for enhancing germination rates and encouraging quicker turf growth. 

Users of the Redexim 3D Overseeders have mentioned minimising seed loss and having more control over the seed depth. In addition, the slicing actions break up compacted soil, enhance oxygen flow, and leave a healthier and stronger turf.

Comparison of the 3D Overseeders

Overseeder 3D 1275Overseeder 3D 1575Overseeder 3D 1575 LV
Working width (m)1.21.581.58
Weight (kg)6981184832
Hopper capacity (L)212276276
Min. Tractor HP required304040

Boost the Appearance of Your Turf with the 3D Overseeders

The Redexim 3D Overseeders stands out as an essential tool among the top-tier turf maintenance facilities in the world. With a strong history in the business and a revolutionised approach to turf maintenance, Redexim can take your turf maintenance regime to the next level. Redexim transforms maintenance routines, setting new benchmarks for quality and performance. For detailed insights on the cutting-edge Redexim 3D Overseeder 1275 and 1575 3D Overseeder, reach out to Redexim directly. 

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