The Rink 1520 brush top dresser accurately distributes wet or dry materials. The rotating brush on the rear of the unit sprays the material evenly breaking up any clumps in the process. The larger hopper capacity gives maximum output while the optional infill kits allows for synthetic turf infilling

Large hopper capacity
Easy to adjust the spreading rate
Consider the Rink 1622 for a wider spreading width
SKU 133.152.000
Operation Towed version
Spreading width (mm) 1400
Spreading width (inch) 55
Hopper capacity (m3) 1.9
Hopper capacity (FT3) 67
Max. Working speed (km h) 25
Max. Working speed (mph) 16
Weight (kg) 850
Weight (lbs) 1870
Spreading thickness (mm) 0.3 - 40
Min. Tractor HP required 25
Min. Oil supply of tractor (l min) 25
Min. Oil supply of tractor (US Gal min) 6.6
Min. Pressure (bar) 140
Min. Pressure (psi) 2030.52
Description Quantity Article number
Toolbox with combi tool and manual 1
Description Quantity Article number
Dry sand cover plate 1 233.152.022
External oil supply unit incl. tank, pump and oil 1 233.152.002
Twistable drawbar 1 233.152.010
Ligthing unit 1 RGS 11009
Synthetic Turf Infill kit (rake, and seal kit) 1 233.152.014
Dual pendling axle with 4 tyres (instead of 2) siz 1 233.152.016
Dual pending axle wih 4 tyres 26x12x12inch 1 233.152.017
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